2007 - 2008

Volume 1

Volume 1 (OUT OF PRINT)
Edited by Brian Butler
Texts by Brian Butler, Stella Brennan, Matthew Crookes, Natalie Robertson and Alan Smith

Artspace is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 1, also known as the Volume series, a substantial publication project initiated by Artspace director Brian Butler. This publication compliments and extends the first six months of programming during Butler’s term as director. The pairing of New Zealand artists work alongside that of their internationally renowned counterparts is one of the innovations of the Volume 1 project.more


Christina Read

As part of her prize as the recipient of the National Drawing Award in 2006 Christina Read has produced a limited edition artists book co-published by Artspace and The Physics Room. Evidence sits somewhere between an image blog and crime fiction, it presents an uncanny range of clues as to how we might look at the world, or perhaps how it looks back at us. The book incorporates a text by writer Jon Bywater and is designed by Nicola Farquhar of Studio Ahoy. more

Paul Winstanley: Threshold

Paul Winstanley

“You would not know where to begin to read the image. It looks simple enough. […] There are so many routes into the image, so many points of recognition within the composition, and yet you do not know where to begin and, for that matter, where to close off or frame your reading" (Andrew Renton). Threshold is an extensive survey of British artist Paul Winstanley’s career to date, with over a 100 colour images and texts by Andrew Renton, Director of Curating at Goldsmiths, University of London and Christel Fricke, Professor of Philosophy, University of Oslo. more

Roman Signer

Roman Signer
Sculpting in Time

Roman Signer (born 1938) is without doubt one of the most important and influential contemporary Swiss artists. Over many decades, in a great variety of ways, he has single-mindedly researched the aspect of time with regards to the meaning of sculpture. In this book, the authors Brian D. Butler and Leonhard Emmerling develop a new interpretation by concentrating on the film works and by attempting to shed light on the temporal aspect of the work of Roman Signer using literature and philosophy.  more

Hot Pants in a Cold Cold world

Meg Cranston
Hot Pants in a Cold Cold World

“The fundamental problem of art is finding a suitable form – a shape for your philosophy, a form that is as persuasive as language. … It has taken me my whole artistic life to figure out why anyone gives a shit about form.” (Meg Cranston, “Big Problems #1”, 2006).  Californian artist Meg Cranston's twenty-year career (1987-2007) is the subject of Hot Pants in a Cold Cold World. more


Edited by Brian Butler
Texts by Christina Barton, Emma Bugden, Brian Butler, Natasha Conland, Heather Galbraith, Danae Mossman, Justin Paton, Mercedes Vicente

Which New Zealand artist now or in the future could be sent to the Venice Biennale and exhibit in the New Zealand pavilion? Speculation is a powerful thing. Ernest Rutherford, fellow New Zealander and the father of the nuclear age, speculated on the existence of the neutron in 1920. This book is based on the speculation of eight New Zealand-based curators. They each nominated a list of artists, and these are the results, the artists in turn presenting us with pages of work. more

 Martini Shot Martini Shot
New Artists Show 2007
Online catalogue
Texts by Pansy Duncan, Layla Rudneva-MacKay, Dane Mitchell
Designed by Fuyuko Akiyoshi

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