Critical texts


A Hollow Action




Critical text series


A series of online texts in response to recent exhibitions at Artspace: Jorge Satorre, Emic Etic?, Andrew Kennedy, Blaine Western, a hollow action, a room held together by letters, Peter Friedl, The Dramatist

Texts by Jon Bywater, Arron Santry and Claudia Arozqueta.

Designed by Index

Available free online 

a hollow action, a room held together by letters


Following the exhibition: Andrew Kennedy, Blaine Western a hollow action, a room held together by letters, 28 November 2013-1 February 2014.
Designed by Nell May. Texts by Wystan Curnow and Caterina Riva. Images by Andrew Kennedy and Blaine Western 



Hermes' lack of words


This publication follows the exhibition Hermes’ lack of words, 26 July–31 August 2013, curated by Alex Davidson.

Texts by Milli Jannides, Emma Leach, Will Pollard and Evangeline Riddiford Graham 






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