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Richard Francis, 'Familiars', in response to Dane Mitchell, 'The Smell of an Empty Space'

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 12:29:12 p.m.


Richard Francis, Familiars

This Saturday at 3pm Richards Francis will respond to 'The Smell of an Empty Space’ by Dane Mitchell. The performance will be a 60 min set where people will be able to move freely around the space.

The experience of sound and olfactory sense of smell both share a vibrational medium. Richard explains further:

In this way the title 'Familiars' references the recollection of emotionally charged memories that scent generates in my mind. On another level a 'familiar' is an attendant entity (often in animal form) believed to assist cunning folk in their practice of magic. For the past 3 years I've been researching acoustic qualities of ancient archeological ritual sites and ritual music. So for me this title ties together these two areas of interest: scent and it's power to influence the mind, sound and it's place in ritual and operation in ritual spaces.

He will use a range of sonic practices including recordings of empty interior spaces (rooms, hallways, stairwells). These recordings, rather than sounding empty, feature more the 'phantom sounds' from outside the recording space that drift in from adjoining rooms, through air vents and windows. And lastly he’ll be generating live textures from idiophones (dry seed pods, paper).

Richard Francis (b. 1977) is an Auckland based sound artist. He uses recordings of acoustic and electronic sounds, a tone generator, modular synthesizer and computer to compose and improvise sound works. He has released solo and collaborative albums on a number of labels including Korm Plastics (NL), Monochrome Vision (RU), Scarcelight (USA), Last Visible Dog (USA) and his own record label CMR (NZ).

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