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August 2009

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Cao Fei
ExhibitionsTitle: Cao Fei
Dates: Friday, 10 July 2009 - Saturday, 22 August 2009
Contact Person: Media Artspace

A partnership exhibition with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, this exhibition brings to New Zealand the work of rising star, Chinese film maker and photographer, Cao Fei.

Born in Ghangzhou and living in Beijing, Cao Fei is of a generation which have experienced urbanization in China at a giddying rate. The young people she depicts in her artworks inhabit elaborate states of transformation, set against the fast patterns of the cityscape.

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sweet nothings
ExhibitionsTitle: sweet nothings
Date: Monday, 3 August 2009
Start time: 6:00 pm
Contact Person: Media Artspace

In this performance Cellulite Rose focuses on the proposition that the technological advancement skype offers is not the enhancement of aural communication, but rather the potential for bodily forms of communication.

She will connect to her collaborators via web cam; Alexa Wilson(Vienna) and Kentaro Yamada (London). In parallel with Cao Fei's use of the internet as the new public sphere ARTSPACE has commissioned Cellulite Rose to develop this performance.

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RMB-City Tour - onsite or online
ExhibitionsTitle: RMB-City Tour - onsite or online
Date: Thursday, 13 August 2009
Start time: 3:00 pm
Location: ARTSPACE
Contact Person: Media Artspace

You're only getting a glimpse of China Tracey's RMB-City in the promo clip currently playing at ARTSPACE. Let there be no doubt that the tourist limbo of the panorama with its brightly lit colours and delirium of activity is only magnified once you step into RMB-City.

Guided by JudyArx Scribe, Auckland University School of Architecture's Judy Cockram, and Harold Galaxy, art critic Harold Grieves, the tour will sample the full range of sites RMB-City has to offer. From the monopoly game in the Olympic stadium to the swan ride over the Peoples' Palace and even the space rocket ride to oblivion, JudyArx Scribe and Harold Galaxy will present a guided tour of the tourist wonderland that is RMB-City.

Please join us this Thursday afternoon, either here at ARTSPACE where the tour will take place as a video presentation, or alternatively join us in Second Life, for an 'in world' guided tour of the delights, foibles, and interactions of Cao Fei's ambitiously delirious piece of urban-planning.

Online participants - Meet by the Swans outside RMB-City's Peoples' Palace.

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Tour of Cao Fei Utopia in Mandarin
ExhibitionsTitle: Tour of Cao Fei Utopia in Mandarin
Date: Saturday, 15 August 2009
Start time: 3:00 pm
Contact Person: Media Artspace

曹斐 _ 乌托邦, 普通话讲解
日期:星期六, 八月十五日, 2009

ARTSPACE非常荣幸地展出曹斐_乌托邦作品展,此次是她的作品首次在澳大拉西亚地区被展出。1978年出生于广州,曹斐是中国新生代艺术家中的佼佼者之一。国际策展人Hans Ulrich Obrist曾经说过:"曹斐是新生代艺术家创始与开拓者中的先锋代表, 她无限丰富的好奇心正是她时代的见证"。


"人民城寨"展现了一个夸张的北京景象 - 一个集于共产主义,社会主义和资本主义的混合体, 它是由曹斐的在线身份中国翠西(有着亮灰色的头发且身穿盔甲)在"创意共享"库拉岛上建立的。



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Talk: Paul Clark, Professor of Asian Studies, Saturday 22 August, 3pm
ExhibitionsTitle: Talk: Paul Clark, Professor of Asian Studies, Saturday 22 August, 3pm
Date: Saturday, 22 August 2009
Start time: 3:00 pm
Contact Person: Media Artspace

Paul Clark has an interest in the intricacies of Cao Fei's exhibition; from the specific focus on the emergence of a Chinese youth culture from 1968 to 2008, to the allusions and references to the pithy one-liners that get lost in translation, Clark's talk will elucidate the cultural context of Cao Fei's practice.

Paul Clark is a Professor of Chinese at the School of Asian Studies, The University of Auckland. His recent publications include The Chinese Cultural Revolution: A History, (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008) and China: A Generation and Its Films, (Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2005).

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