Most Things Happen When I Am Asleep

Most Things Happen When I Am Asleep 2018


1. Toofprints 31 posters and 31 postcards (Alice Yard) 2. Anthology texts of Alice Yard Sean Leonard & Stephen Stuempfle, “Artists, this space is available”. Caribbean Beat, 2016. 3. Timeline, 11 year selection of Alice Yard projects and events. 10. Posters and booklets from each project part of MW (Cemeti-Institute for Art and Society) 11. Turning Targets 25 years of Cemeti Arthouse + 5 years Cemeti Art House Exploring Vacuum 17. Timelines on the Garage School (Laagencia) 21. Reading Table, designed by Federico Chaves with publications from TEOR/éTica

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