Most Things Happen When I Am Asleep

Most Things Happen When I Am Asleep 2018


1. Toofprints. 31 posters and 31 postcards. (Alice Yard) 2. Anthology texts of Alice Yard Vahni Capildeo, "Gift of a Staircase" in Utter. Leeds: Peepal Tree Press, 2013. "No more than a backyard on a small island"--interview with Christopher Cozier, 2012. Published online: Nicholas Laughlin, "How to be here”. Random Gardens, 2015. 4. Reventó la nube. 2018 (Beta-Local) 5. Selected publications by Beta-Local 6. Timeline of Cemeti History 7. The Manifesto of Tactile and Fanciful Tactics. Natasha Tontey. 2018 (Cemeti-Institute for Art and Society) 8. The Mobility of the Vagabond Cosmopolitan Artist and Our Cultural Strategy. Wok the Rock with Brigitta Isabella. Print. 2017. (Cemeti-Institute for Art and Society) 9. MASS collector’s item. Auto Italia South East with Pablo Jones Soler and Natasha Tontey . 2018 (Cemeti-Institute for Art and Society) 17.Timelines on the Garage School (Laagencia) 20. Hammocks designed by by Dominique Ratton in collaboration with Rodrigo Treviño and Andrés García (Arts Collaboratory Assembly 2017 Map) (TEOR/éTica) 21. Reading Table, designed by Federico Chaves with publications from TEOR/éTica 22. The Land in Between. video art from Central America . 44 minutes (TEOR/éTica)

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