Youth Run, Youth Led Education Programme

snakes and ladders

Snakes and Ladders

Artspace 2017 Education Programme, Snakes and Ladders, aims at connecting with Secondary and Tertiary level students to facilitate conversations around art theory, practice and institutional navigation. Youth run and youth led, the programme consists of a fortnightly reading-through group and a weekly proofreading/editing/research support service. The programme is focussed on fostering literacy and confidence concerning these issues. 

  • Reading-through group: Fortnightly on Saturdays from 12pm-2pm
  • Proofreading/editing/research support service: Weekly on Saturdays from 11pm-4pm

Reading-through Group

There are no rules within the reading-through group. Participants need not have read the assigned text upon arrival. The premise of each group is solely on the discussion of ideas, only using the text as a starting point. 


Next Event:

Friday June 16 5pm

Assigned Writer: bell hooks 

Text, kai and drinnks will be provided on the night.