An exhibition without a body

An exhibition without a body aims to reformulate a contemporary understanding of public programming, art education and learning in an art context. The project brings together questions around the values we share, it acknowledges and facilitates exchange within the art community. It imagines our public audience and deals with the everyday reality at an organisational level.

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Conversations readwithartspace


These talks focus on exhibition making, institutional programming, creative commons, audience
development and social context. 

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Read with Artspace
The reading club #ReadwithArtspace initiates exercises, ideas and thoughts on reading and writing today.
Meetings are scheduled each month, contact for more information. 


Ongoing research:

Think with Artspace 
A closed group of professionals meeting to think tank for the future of Artspace as #ThinkwithArtspace.

The Artspace Studio Residency programme
The residency programme was established through an open call Artspace made in December 2014. The successful studio residents were selected by a panel consisting of Misal Adnan Yıldız, Henry Davidson, Anna Gardner from Artspace, Danae Mossman from Hopkinson Mossman and Kelvin Soh from Le Roy magazine. Residents in 2015 will be Amy Blinkhorne, Juliet Carpenter, Deanna Dowling, Francis Till, Uniform and Tim Wagg. More.
Learning, Unlearning and Relearning
In addition to the residency programme, artist Sarah Smuts-Kennedy will collaborate with Artspace to apply critical questions and conceptual focus towards developing a new research environment entitled Learning, Unlearning and Relearning, bringing the Reading Room and Education Room together in one critical space.
VAR residency project
Through a newly formed partnership with the Varda Artists Residency Artspace has facilitated New Zealand artist Zackary Steiner-Fox to be one of the first artists to take part in the programme in Sausalito, California. More.