Kunci's Klub Numpang Baca

Klub Numpang Baca - Kunci Cultural Studies Center

Like a remora and a shark. Like a parasitic plant on a tree. Like a buffalo and a starling. Think about rocks or trees covered in lichens. Follow us to swim on the deep sea of ideas. We could go up to the beach instead and decide on climbing up a tree and having a rest on the branches of usual and unusual words. Have you seen the termites on a book? Have you ever tried to remove the mould from a book?
Klub Numpang Baca travels speculative routes which connect the complex meaning of theory and discourse with the frenetic condition of the blurring private and public spaces in the city. While riding the giant shoulders of the existing knowledge, we would ask guidance from the comfort or discomfort of a space. 
Let us bid a proper farewell to the bodies and texts which have enlighten you with knowledge. Let us say goodbye to those who have tried to erase the curiosities from our everyday narratives. Our heads are not the centre of everything. The gap between those who are more knowledgeable and those who are not should not hinder our intention to think together. Curiosities is the only reason left to explain our existence. We do not need to rush. We are heading towards temporary shelters, where an act of reading together emerges as a possible social event. 
During Kunci’s trip in Auckland, we have organised a parallel Klub Numpang Baca in either Myers Park or the Auckland Public Library. Meet us outside of 10-14 Lorne St at 11.00am, Saturday March 25, 2017. 
Reading material:
Teresia Teaiwa, "L(o)osing the Edge", The Contemporary Pacific, Volume 13, Number 2, Fall 2001, pp. 343-365